Diana de Avila is a Sarasota-based artist who began her journey in 2017. At that time, Diana experienced a relapse of multiple sclerosis (MS) and worsening traumatic brain injury (TBI). However, through this adversity, her artistic gift emerged suddenly and explosively, fueled by acquired savant syndrome and synesthesia.

Without formal training, de Avila has created over 2000 digital art pieces rooted in fractal geometry inspired by the convergence of quantum physics, chaos theory, and divine order. Her cosmic digital art is both moving and still and focuses on exploring many different technological expressions of art.

?She has discovered her "tribe" within the artistic movement "Techspressionism," founded by Colin Goldberg, where she continues to push the boundaries of her digital art.

Diana is the subject and co-author of her new award-winning book "Soldier, Sister, Savant," which shares the story of her artistic genius and samples of her art from 2017 to early 2021. In the Summer of 2023, Diana and her co-author Wilma Davidson signed a publishing contract for their new children's book "Splat! Splat! Meet Super Cat" which should be released Summer of 2024.
When ordering art, please allow 3 weeks for fabrication and shipping.

If you are interested in a 1 of 1 commission, please send a message to diana@dianadeavila.com

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